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Tree Cutting Services or Tree Removal Service in King, Pierce & Snohomish! Our trusted local tree experts offer FREE on-site tree inspection & consultation. You can trust our professional advice on the health, safety risks and appropriate solution for the trees on your property. We are devoted to providing you the best customer service experience, combined with the highest quality work.



Safety Inspection


Tree and Stump removal


Tree trimming & thinning


Small Shrub trimming & pruning


Storm Cleanup


Emergency tree services

Trusted Tree Services Since 2010!

Devoted Tree Solutions provides the #1 trusted tree service in Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue and more areas of the Pacific Northwest. Expect prompt, professional 24-hour tree service in Seattle-Tacoma Metro area.




Trusted Tree Services Since 2010!

Devoted Tree Solutions provides the #1 trusted tree service in Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue and more areas of the Pacific Northwest. Expect prompt, professional 24-hour tree service in Seattle-Tacoma Metro area.





Safety Inspection


Tree and Stump removal


Tree trimming & thinning


Small Shrub trimming & pruning


Storm Cleanup


Emergency tree services

Full-Service, Community-Based Tree Service 

We are a full service, community-based tree service company serving Greater Seattle-Tacoma. Our crews are devoted to providing excellent customer service and exceptional tree service. Whatever tree service needed, the team responding will be caring & professional. Our arborists are passionate about what they do. Devoted Tree Solutions offers the best combination of tree expertise & quality tree service in your local Greater Seattle or Tacoma neighborhood.

Pacific Northwest Trees Need Proper Care

If you have trees on your property, like most of Greater Seattle homeowners, you will need to attend to them with proper care. Trees are intricate creatures. Whether removing trees or maintaining trees, you need to know what you’re doing. Fortunately, our crews are ready and available to help 24-hours a day. We offer free on-site tree consultation and free tree inspections. It is our delight to serve you and the community!

Devoted Tree Solutions Has Values

One of the core values at Devoted Tree Solutions is taking care of our crew! Team members invest their heart and soul into our mission and the clients who trust us. We care for greater Seattle-Tacoma properties & families like they are our own! We love to give back to the community we are fortunate to provide tree service to.

Our Tree Services:

Tree & Stump Removal

Whenever you need tree removal services, you should only allow skilled experts to handle such a sensitive task. We are here to help you whatever situation you may find yourself.


Knowledge & Experience with Tree Removal


The tree removal experts at Devoted Tree Solutions understand the intricate details and work involved with tree removal, therefore we will only do what’s best for the tree and your property. With our extensive experience, we will remove trees in a safe and professional manner, maintaining the highest safety standards during this task.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Devoted Tree Solutions care about tree health and maintenance. not only the health of the trees but also bettering your curb appeal and protecting from potential damage outgrown trees might cause.

Knowledge & Experience with Tree Maintenance

Our professionals have vast knowledge and experience with trees. We provide expert pruning and trimming services, ensuring your trees are growing in the right way. If you have branches that are overhanging, the best thing to do is contact us for a free inspection. Our caring and friendly crews will evaluate the trees and recommend the best solutions. 

Tree Crown Thinning

Our professional climbers will get to the top of the trees to remove some of the branches strategically. With this, we will be able to trap the strong winds that may end up damaging your trees. Get ahead of the storm and schedule your crown thinning service from Devoted Tree Solutions today.


Emergency Tree Service

There are certain emergencies that cannot wait! If you have a tree that poses a threat to your property or loved ones, call us. Our emergency response team will get to your property fast. We are fully equipped with expert arborists and the heavy-duty equipment. Our crews can handle all manner of tree emergencies you are facing.

Heavy Duty to Handle Tree Emergencies

If you need emergency tree services, we are always available 24/7. For all emergency services, you will want a professional to deal with such dangerous tree services. Our experienced crews will know exactly what to do to prevent further damage or injuries to your property.

Our Mission & Commitment to the Best Tree Service in Greater Seattle-Tacoma

Experienced Arborists


We Care About Tree Details

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Devoted Tree Solutions was born from a team of people who wanted to provide a better tree service to the people of Greater Seattle & Tacoma areas. We are committed to setting higher standards of tree service in the Pacific Northwest. Quality tree work and protection behind every tree project is what you will get! We love contributing to the people and communities in need.

Our Customers & Their Trees Come First!

Our customer care team is experienced and always puts the interests of the customers first. Guided by our commitment to serve you, we are the only tree company in this region that has zero tolerance for drug and substance abuse.

Thorough Background Checks on All our Tree Service Staff

We carry out a thorough background check on all our staff to ensure that we have the right team in place. When we come to your property, you can rest easy knowing that your trees and property are in safe hands. All the crews at Devoted are caring, careful and trustworthy. We believe in professionalism and we never take any risks that may pose a threat to your property, your loved ones or our staff.

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Community Give Back Program

 Please contact us if you have a little league or other special program that needs a sponsor.

Protection plan with every Project!

Invest to improve the long-term health of your trees. The good news is that our Tree Protection Plan provides for Devoted Tree Solution to come out and take care of any mishaps. 

Discounts for our favorite people

Seniors, Military, 1st Responders & Repeat Customers get 10% off every project!

Neighborhood & bulk discounts available. Please inquire with your arborist. 

*Some restrictions apply.

*One discount per customer.

Commitment to Setting the Standards…

Our team strives to offer quality tree service near Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue & Snohomish County. As part of our commitment to providing the best tree service near you since 2010! We continue setting new standards for customer service and tree service.

 The Greater Seattle Tree Service Industries Best!

Devoted Tree Solutions is available 24 hours a day! If you need emergency tree service, we are prompt and professional. There is always a certified arborist ready to assist you. We will visit your home or commercial property to evaluate and inspect the trees. After inspection, we generate an appropriate tree service solution and estimate of the work.

What Makes Our Tree Services Different?

We’re Available 24/7 to talk about your Tree Service

Our crews are always available to provide emergency tree services. We stand out with our prompt response and excellent customer service. If you have diseased trees, our ISA certified arborist will be happy to help you. We will treat your property as if it were our own.


We Promise Satisfaction with your Tree Service!

Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. We promise to will pay attention to every detail. Furthermore, we adhere to strict ISA regulations in completing our tree services. Multiple factors contribute to curb appeal, aesthetics of your trees, tree health, and proper tree growth. We care about our community since we are part of it and will do all that we can to support those in need.

Bellevue Tree Service & Seattle Tree Removal

Devoted Tree Solutions

We specialize in helping clients increase the value, safety and beauty of their homes.

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Tree Service Areas

We service all of Pacific NW and expanding quickly to other areas.

King, Snohomish, Pierce, Thurston, Kitsap and Island counties are our main service areas. We may be able to travel outside of these areas depending on the project and client needs.

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