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Our Burien Arborists and teams spend the time and energy it takes to maintain the trees on your property! This dangerous and detailed work is important! We know all the safety precautions of being a professional arborist. When you are looking for a reputable arborist in Burien, Washington, look no further than Devoted Tree Solutions. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of tree care and tree service in Burien or surrounding! We will keep you and your family safe! Don’t take our word for it! Be sure to visit our reviews page to hear from some of our delighted customers today!

Why Should You Have Your Trees Pruned?

There are many reasons to get the trees on your property regularly pruned by a professional Arborist.  Firstly, a pruned tree is a happy tree! To extend the life and strength of your tree, routine pruning is a requirement. Pruning will keep the tree happy and healthy for years to come. You will see more blooms from flowering trees and fruit-bearing trees will produce more fruit.

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Pruning ensures the safety of the lives that surround the tree. The life of the landscaping beneath the tree and the lives of people near the tree both benefits. Pruning a tree gets rid of all the dead and excess limbs that way down and clutter the tree. Not only this, but it keeps any broken or weakened limbs and branches from potentially falling on a person or structure. Pruning isn’t just to make your tree aesthetically pleasing, it is a necessity.

What Is Considered a Burien Tree Emergency?

Trees are beautiful and massive creatures that do an immense amount of good for us, but when they aren’t taken care of they can cause serious mayhem. A tree that is diseased and is then dying because of it, could have branches hanging down. These branches are severely weakened, and it only takes a gust of wind to knock it down and potentially cause harm to an object or person.

Weather can cause tree emergencies. Has a storm come through and caused damage? Call a tree company as soon as possible. Severe storms can cause a tree to split in half, which makes the part that is still standing a hazard to all that come near. Devoted Tree Solutions can have this fixed in no time! Saving you from spending unwanted money is our goal!

Why Work with Us?

Calling in the Burien tree experts for tree trimming and pruning could help prevent a tree emergency in the future. That said, no one can predict the weather, and sometimes emergency services are needed after a severe storm. Regardless, it is best to call in the professionals to get the job done efficiently and in a timely manner. At Devoted Tree Solutions, we are your Burien tree service experts. Whether you need help keeping your trees healthy with routine trimming or need a tree removed completely, our arborists are at your side.

Call (253) 365-9420 today to schedule your free inspection with Devoted Tree Solutions in Burien, WA. Our crew of professionals works hard so you don’t have to. We are also available for 24-hour emergency service, taking care of your home when you need it most.

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