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Homeowners and business owners in Redmond care about their trees! Devoted tree service is a tree removal expert! We are reliable tree service experts offering maintenance removal and planting.

Benefits of Having Trees Trimmed?

There is no denying that a properly maintained tree adds value to your yard, while a neglected tree can actually decrease your property’s value. That said, an improvement in property value is definitely a benefit to trimming your trees routinely.

Asthetic Appeal & Tree Safety

Aside from aesthetic appeal, safety is a vital benefit of having your trees regularly trimmed. A tree that is trimmed regularly will not run the risk of having weakened or broken branches.  

Trimming Your Trees Regularly

Trimming your trees regularly will extend the life of your trees. Tree Trimming brings many benefits to your overall tree health.  Longer tree life means cleaner air & better drainage. You can’t go wrong with getting your trees trimmed regularly.

How Often Should You Have Your Trees Trimmed?

The frequency of tree trimming should really be left up to the tree service company.  Devoted tree service will give you a free inspection. There are a few reasons why the timing of  tree trimming can vary:

  • Species of tree, as they all grow differently
  • Seasons, you don’t want to get your tree trimmed when it is the wet season or just before it blooms
  • Growth stage plays a huge part in the timing. You don’t want to stunt a new tree’s growth by trimming too early.

Emergency Tree Service:

There are emergencies that call for having your tree pruned no matter the timing! It is difficult to make this decision on your own. It is always best to call a tree professional, like Devoted Tree Service!

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