Greater Seattle Tree Service including, Removal, Tree Trimming and Maintenance

Seattle Tree Service in the Seattle Metro Area

Seattle tree service companies can be easy to find but hard to choose! Our company serves Seattle, Capitol Hill, Queen Anne, Greenwood & Surrounding areas. Offering Seattle Tree Service, Devoted Tree Solutions is second to none! We’re the most trusted Pacific Northwest tree service company. From Seattle tree trimming service, to complete tree removal, you can count on our experts for help throughout greater Seattle.

Tree maintenance isn’t something most people have to think about on a regular basis

When the time comes many people are unaware that their tree needs to be trimmed or pruned. That is why we have professionals. At Devoted Tree Solutions, we are the leading tree service company in and around Seattle,

Whether you need crown reduction, have an old tree that needs removal, or simply want to assess the health of the trees on your property, our expert arborists can help keep you and your family safe! Don’t just take our word for it. Be sure to visit our reviews page to hear from some of our longtime customers!

Is It Important to Have Your Seattle Trees Pruned Regularly?

At the risk of sounding persuasive, it is absolutely important to get your trees pruned regularly, and by regularly that really only means once a year. Trees normally don’t need to be pruned very often, that is why they end up getting forgetting about until they are overgrown and disrupting your landscaping. That said, when you notice your tree looking a little top-heavy or cluttered with broken branches, it is definitely time to call in a professional tree service company to prune your tree for you.

Leave the Stress to the Tree Professionals

The last thing anyone wants is for their beloved trees to start causing mayhem in their back yards because they’ve been neglected a bit too long. It happens to everyone, though, lives become busy and trees get forgotten. Leave the stress to the professionals, that’s what they’re there for.

How to Know You Need our Seattle Tree Removal Service

Our Seattle tree removal is trusted for a reason. Our Seattle Arborists provide trusted Tree removal. Tree Removal is the trickiest and most dangerous business in the industry. It takes a lot of skill and patience to get the job done right and safely. That is why it is so vital to call in a tree professional the moment you notice a tree not looking its best. There are signs to help you spot when it is time to consider calling in a professional. We will know when a tree removal service must be performed.

Some of these signs for removal include:
  • An oddly shaped trunk or branch growth
  • Visible roots
  • Diseased and dying trunk or branches
  • Overgrowth too close to the home or other structures
  • Plumbing issues
  • Roof damage from fallen branches
Trees are Low Maintenance Creatures for the Most Part

These are just a few of the signs, but some of the most important to keep in mind. Trees are low maintenance creatures for the most part, but when they are dying or diseased they could end up being a very dangerous part of your property. Don’t let your Seattle, WA trees go neglected, call our experts to decide whether or not your tree needs removed or just a good pruning.

Why You Should Choose an Expert Arborist in Seattle?

Working with expert Seattle arborists may sound a little tedious and expensive at first, but it will save you loads in the end and the job will get done as safely as possible as a result. Our Arborists have spent hours and hours learning the ins and outs of the trade! We’re here to help you. There is no reason to put yourself or your neighbors in harm’s way to simply try and save a buck. At Devoted Tree Solutions, our goal is to provide you with high-quality service and care, with a team you can trust and depend on.

Seattle is a safer place with Devoted Tree Solutions around. Not only are we there for you day and night, but also we work hard to give back to the community. When you need reliable tree service or just Seattle tree trimming service, contact us!
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