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Devoted offers Tacoma Tree Service & Emergency Tree Removal. When you live in Tacoma or the NW, Tree trimming and pruning quickly become a necessity. It is true that the trees are beautiful in this area of the country, but they don’t stay that way on their own. Calling in an expert arborist is the easiest and best way to keep the trees around your property vibrant and healthy. At Devoted Tree Solutions, we are the leading tree service in Tacoma WA.

Devoted Tree Solutions has a dedicated team to ensure your Tacoma tree service is prompt & professional! 

From emergency tree services to routine maintenance and care, our expert arborists are by your side every step of the way!
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Signs Your Trees Need Trimming in the Greater Tacoma Area

One of the first signs your Tacoma tree is ready for a tree trimming is the time of year. Typically, a tree is trimmed twice a year. These times are winter and spring. If it is anywhere near these seasons and you haven’t yet had your trees trimmed, it may be time to call in the experts. That said, there are a few other signs to pay attention to other than just the time of year.

Ten signs that your Tacoma trees need tree service:

  1. If the tree has been damaged by a storm
  2. One or more weakened branches
  3. More than one broken branches
  4. One or more dead or diseased limbs
  5. Cracks in the bark also point to disease
  6. If your tree is starting to look oddly shaped
  7. If the branches are starting to grow over power lines
  8. Overgrowth
  9. If your tree’s branches are too dense to see through
  10. Branches crossing also points to too much density or overgrowth

Be sure to keep an eye on the condition of the trees on your property in Graham. You want to catch these signs before you start to see multiple. It is best to schedule your Tacoma tree service when you notice the first sign of damage or overgrowth.

The Benefits of Routine Tacoma Tree Service

Routine Tacoma tree service will save you money overall. Think of it this way, if you let your tree grow wildly without trimming or pruning, it could potentially grow over and break. Keeping up with tree trimming and pruning in Tacoma, Washington can also keep your house safe. If the tree becomes too dense or becomes oddly shaped, it could potentially fall toward onto your house during a storm and cause damage. Don’t wait until it’s an emergency, get your trees the routine care they, and you, deserve.

At Devoted Tree Solutions, we not only offer crown reduction and routine pruning but also, we can help you assess the health and potential risk of your trees with our inspection services. Not only does this ensure the best care for your Tacoma, WA property, but also it helps our arborists create the ideal routine for your trees.

Why Choose Devoted Tree Solutions in Tacoma, Washington?

When you choose Devoted Tree Solutions you get a Tacoma Tree Service Company located in the Tacoma area. Choose an expert Tacoma arborist for Tacoma Tree Service. Tree trimming and pruning is really the only sure-fire way to know your tree, your property, and your safety are all being accounted for. Tree maintenance is a dangerous job and should only be done by an expert. At Devoted Tree Solutions, we’ve refined our skills and expertise through years of service in the Pacific Northwest area. Not only can we help you when there’s an emergency, but also, we work with only the best crews, so you always have peace of mind in your own home.

Andrew To
Andrew To
Great service, very professional, the project from start to finish, 5 stars all the way. Matthew is very knowledgeable and give me the reasonable quote. The crew is super friendly and professional, they completed the job so quickly and safe. Highly recommend to everyone.
Johanna Porter
Johanna Porter
The crew from Devoted Tree Solutions were prompt, professional and conscientious about protecting surrounded landscaping and cleaning up while they worked. They removed a large diseased tree that was near our home, between a fence and broadband cable- they quickly and safely cut the tree into sections and removed it from our property. They also crown-cleaned and cobra-cabled a pair of co-dominant douglas firs that had not been trimmed in over 60 years. They cut back a wildly overgrown holly tree, selectively taking out the straggly top 20 feet and trimming it into a more compact and manageable shape. These improvements will help air flow through the canopy, protecting both tree health and home from wind damage from falling branches. I am very pleased with the end result and would highly recommend Devote Tree Solutions.
Tim K
Tim K
We called Devoted Tree Solutions to trim and prune a distressed tree in our yard, as well as a sculptured shrub.We could not be happier with the results, the crew came in and set up, and went to work. This was not their first rodeo… every man hit their mark, very well organized, super professional and friendly. Left our yard spotlessly clean. Excellent work, Well done….. Guaranteed you have our business in the future. Thanks Tim and Nancy Kennedy Tacoma WA.
Dmitry Lyalin
Dmitry Lyalin
Brad stopped by for a free tree assessment and gave a ton of great advice, he is really knowledgeable. He was very honest and did not push us to use the service. He gave very reasonable feedback for us to consider and make a decision. if we do move forward the quote is super reasonable for the amount of work it would take. Highly recommend this company
Neil Lin
Neil Lin
Crews appear early, finished job efficiently, clear everything up before leaving, reasonable price, cannot make complaint.
Cody Powers
Cody Powers
Did great work! Knocked a 30-40 foot laurel hedge down to waist level, easy to work with, fast, good cleanup, 5 stars



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