Winter Tree Maintenance Tips for Greater Seattle

Devoted Tree Solutions is proud to offer helpful Seattle winter tree maintenance tips and free inspections for the Pacific Northwest. We understand that the trees on your property need proper care. Trees especially need to be protected in the stormy winter months in greater Seattle.

Fall and winter in Seattle can be harsh: if you have trees on your property you will need to attend to them with proper care. For large deciduous trees, we recommend having our arborist do a crown cleaning. This is a systematic pruning of damaged or weak branches that can remove 20% to 25% of the tree.

  • When fall starts and the colors change due to having less chlorophyll, trees start to further dry out. Most are also producing seeds at this time of year.
  • In the winter, most trees are going into their dormant period. Growth stops and the tree’s ability to heal itself is significantly reduced.
  • In Seattle, the requirement is that trees on your property must allow 8 feet of clearance over the public sidewalk (and 14 feet over the street).
  • Time to prune. Trees go into dormancy during winter making it the ideal time for you to prune.
  • Protect trees from freeze and prepared to provide protection for your most vulnerable trees when temperatures drop to freezing temperatures.
  • Mulch to retain moisture and warmth.
  • Water trees and shrubs when there is no rain.
  • Inspect and remove overextended branches that threaten service lines on your property.
What to Look for in Trees Around the Property this Winter:
  • Dead branches, especially larger ones
  • Branches detached from the tree
  • Trunk splitting or cavities either where the branches attach or on the trunk
  • Trees with a new, sudden lean
  • Mushrooms at the base
  • Branches close to electrical lines
Winter Tree Maintenance Tricks & Tree Service with Devoted Tree Solutions in Greater Seattle-Tacoma & Bellevue Areas

Devoted Tree Solutions offers complimentary inspections. Devoted Tree Solutions was born from a team of people who wanted to provide a better service to the people of Seattle-Tacoma & Bellevue. We are committed to setting higher standards of tree service in the Pacific Norhtwest. Our promise of quality work is behind every tree service. We love contributing to people & communities who need it the most help.  We hope that our tips and other blog posts can be a resource to the Seattle-Tacoma area.


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